Our Search Process

At Seabrook Executive Search, the starting point of an engagement is arriving at a thorough understanding of our clients’ talent needs, culture, values, business model and strategic objectives. While each client is unique, our search process remains consistent and disciplined to ensure a successful outcome.

Position Description and Specifications

  • Through in-depth questioning of stakeholders, develop a deep understanding of the requirements of the position and criteria against which candidates will be evaluated.
  • Prepare job description and position specifications which set forth the experience, skills, qualifications, education and character required of the ideal candidate.

Candidate Development

  • Conduct extensive research and use network outreach to quickly produce an initial pool of qualified candidates, usually within in the first several weeks of the search.
  • Review initial candidate slate with client to develop a short list of those best qualified.

Candidate Interviews

  • Through telephone and live interviews, assess each candidate against the position specifications.
  • Prepare confidential candidate summary for each short listed candidate.

Candidate Evaluation and Recommendations

  • A Candidate Book containing the summaries of each shortlisted candidate will be presented to the client for evaluation. This usually occurs within 6 – 8 weeks of the commencement of the assignment. The objective of this review is to arrive at a list of the three to five best qualified candidates who will be brought in for interviews with the client.

Client/Candidate Meetings

  • We will assist in the scheduling of meetings to allow members of your interview team to evaluate the top candidates. The goal is to further narrow the slate to the two to three finalist candidates.

Reference Checking

  • We will conduct extensive reference checks on the finalist candidates and prepare reports summarizing our findings.

Search Completion and Deal Closure

  • Selection of finalist candidate by client
  • Assist in negotiating packages and resolving any outstanding issues.